Saturday, 23 April 2011

Prague - Unfinished

This drawing took a couple of hours to get right. Although the composition looks fairly simple the small measurements I had to make to make the huge structure of the cathedral and surrounding buildings look correct took a while.
I like the happy accident of the shadow of the man on the cross to the bottom right. The cross was part of the floor pattern, the shadow was mine. I might redraw the sketchbook out of the shadow though.

Charles Bridge, Prague - Unfinished

This drawing was done in one continuous motion. The view i wanted to draw was so complicated there was no way i was going to measure it so I just started drawing really fast. Luckily when I finished the drawing made sense.
I need to add a bit more to the left hand side for the composition to be perfect.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Prague drawing slightly altered plus nun.

The bottom left of the drawing wasn't observed correctly so I have redrawn it. The composition needed a figure so I added a passing nun.